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15 May 2020, 16:00, Live-streamed video

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The startup scene in Europe offers numerous events for beginners and experts in product design. But at the same time, relatively rarely can we hear about how the product design workshops actually work, which methodologies they use to create long lasting work. Ergomania aims to change this by sharing its knowledge and methodologies, with a wider audience through the Product Design Talks.


15 May 2020, 16:00

Fintech UX for B2B

As we have seen in the recent years there are a lot of changes and innovations on the Fintech field. New superstars are coming like Revolut, Bunq or Monzo but the B2B Fintech field have been silent so far. There were always Fintechs who were focusing on SMEs and Corporates but their UX was never revolutionary, rather average. Not even mentioning the poor UX of the Corporate departments of banks. But the focus is shifting as companies are getting more digital they demand better services. And UX is a key component of better customer experience.

When it comes to delivering an outstanding user experience, the strategic approach and frameworks can help to make it happen in the foreseeable future. A good system gives directions and remains flexible at the same time to adapt to the unique features of the theme and project. An excellent design system also might help to standardise and speed up development.

On the 15th of May, the teams of TreasurUp by Rabobank and Ergomania (new member of Holland Fintech) will share their knowledge about building design systems and how this Fintech revolution is happening on the B2B field.

Disrupt business banking with UX

Disrupt business banking with UX

Dr Rung András - Founder, CEO at Ergománia

Trends in business banking UX 

There is still a lot to do but we have several successful banking interfaces which serve Retail customers. On the other hand most of the SME and Corporate interfaces remained intact and obsolete. But times are changing, business users demand better interfaces now. We overview in the presentation what are the upcoming UX trends and solutions for business banking interfaces.


Why you need a design system - a Dutch Fintech case study

Why you need a design system - a Dutch Fintech case study
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Eward Bartlema - Growth UX
Maria Amidi Nouri - Senior UX Architect

What is design system in UX?

Design systems come in many shapes and forms, but a common misconception is that only highly matured companies need them. Eward Bartlema, responsible for UX and growth at fintech scale up TreasurUp, will discuss the factors that led to the creation of their design system. What started with a peer review of the TreasurUp platform led within six months to a fully operational design system that includes UX principles, atomic design components, templates and actual UX designs. All thanks to a close cooperation with UX, product development and business.

Together with Maria Amidi Nouri, responsible for UX and quality assurance from Ergomania, Eward will explain why you need a design system, when it might be time for you to start creating one and how to start.

15 May 2020, 16:00